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As an active and engaged community member, Bogart’s Entertainment Center is dedicated to supporting community organizations and causes, especially non-profit 501(c)(3) groups and educational programs. We are proud to support the efforts of all these organizations in our community and applaud the outstanding work they do throughout the year.

Bogart’s Entertainment Center is asked to support hundreds of worthwhile charitable causes each year. While we try to accommodate as many requests as possible, due to the high volume we receive, we simply cannot respond to and fulfill every request. All requests will be given fair consideration.

For your donation to be considered, you MUST submit a request here. If you stop by, email, call, or send a letter for request, you will be asked to fill out this form online in order for your request to be considered. Again, submitting a request does not guarantee a donation. If we are able to fulfill your donation request, you will be contacted with further instruction.

Please submit your request as far in advance of your event as possible.

An asterisk (*) indicated required field.

Upload request letter/flyer

Thanks for submitting!

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