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At Bogart's, our goal is to make sure you have the most enjoyable experience, but your safety is our number one priority. All players MUST fill out the online waiver prior to playing their first game. A new waiver is required for each season, so even returning players must fill out a new waiver. Every player MUST fill out their own waiver. You may NOT sign the waiver on behalf of a teammate or spouse. Please read all the information carefully and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Please note that the team's roster is determined by who has submitted a waiver and only those who have submitted a waiver will be allowed to participate during the playoffs.

If you are playing for multiple teams, please email us at after you submit your waiver and let us know all the teams you play with.

I understand and agree that there are risks of significant injury to me whether caused by myself or someone else, in my use of or presence on Bogart’s Entertainment Center premises. I understand and agree that these risks of injury include but are not limited to slips, trips, falls, collisions, resulting in damage including, but not limited to sprains, torn muscles, or ligaments, broken bones, strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, disfigurement, death or other forms of pain and suffering. I fully understand, voluntarily accept, and specifically assume these risks of injury.

I agree to release and discharge from all liability, and waive all claims, demands, and actions against Bogart’s Entertainment Center, and it’s owners, operators, employees, and vendors for any and all injuries, harm, or damage sustained by me in connection with my use or presence on the premises, or my use of the facilities, equipment, services, programs, or activities within or outside its centers. I agree to defend and hold Bogart’s Entertainment Center harmless against any and all claims brought by anyone against Bogart’s Entertainment Center related to such injuries, harm or damages.

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